Our Story

Jon and I met one fateful day in January of 2009. I was living in Nashville, Tennessee where I was in grad school for counseling, and Jon was visiting the Country Music Capital to watch his team, the Baltimore Ravens, play in the second round of the playoffs. As luck would have it, my roommate at the time was from his hometown, and we met up with Jon and his friend post game for some celebrating (since the Ravens won!). We spent hours talking, dancing, and laughing amongst the crowded bars and streets of downtown Nashville. Looking back, I smile as I think about how ordinary events can lead you to extraordinary places. That night was intended to be a normal night out of fun and celebration after a day full of class; however, it ended up being one of the most life-changing nights of my life.

Three and a half years later, we are happily married, living among the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, and still loving the Ravens.

(Photos by the talented Katie Snyder. Purple worn in honor of the Ravens :) )



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