Our Wedding: Details

BeFunky BeFunky
BeFunky BeFunky
BeFunky BeFunky
In my opinion, the details are what I really remember the most about weddings. So here is an overview of some of my favorite wedding details:
1. (flowers) For quite some time, my heart had been set on having Peonies as my wedding flowers; however, when our wedding was set for July 1st, I knew I would have to come up with a new game plan due to them being out of season. Luckily for me, I immediately fell in love with the David Austin Roses. Their romantic feel coupled with the fun green hypericum created the perfect bouquet.
2. (the dress) My gown was from Priscilla of Boston‘s Jewel collection, but I had it completely reworked by the brilliant Candi Roetman. She moved the jeweled beading from the sides to the center, gave me a deeper sweetheart neck and fitted it to my body like a glove. I absolutely loved my dress.
3. (the suit) After getting addicted to Mad Men two years ago, Jon knew he wanted to sport a slim fitting suit in Don Draper fashion. We searched high and low for the perfect suit, and finally found it at Express. To add a fun touch, we also added a gingham tie from Urban Outfitters and green Hypericum and hydrangea boutineer.
4. (accessories) When it comes to fashion, one thing most of my friends will tell you is that I adore accessories. Belts, chunky necklaces, purses…. I love them (maybe a little too much). So, when it came to my wedding accessories, I felt a lot of pressure to incorporate the perfect amount. My veil was an easy decision because I have always loved the old-school charm of birdcage veils. It fit with Jon’s mad men themed suites and it also took the dressiness of my gown a couple of notches. However, I needed a little bit more wow factor than the simple birdcage veil could offer, so I also created a hair piece of mixed taffeta and left over beading from my dress for a little extra oomph. Last but not least, I added a little bit of glamour and sentiment by wearing Jon’s late grandmother, Rose Corbi’s, earrings. This was my favorite part of my entire outfit.
5. (the dress) A close up of the beading on my dress- sigh…
6. (the cake) We wanted our cake to be simple yet chic, and I must say the folks at Magic Moments really captured our vision. We did a classic vanilla on vanilla cake. Satin matching my dress broke up the layers, and vintage brooches were added to echo the bling on my dress.
7. (the shoes) I instantly fell in love with these shoes. Like a moth to a flame, I walk through a store and am instantly drawn to anything shiny. Needless to say, these amazingly, shiny Ninashoes caught my attention, and I had to have them!
8. (the flowers) Do you sense a theme? Maybe some bling? To carry out this theme, I had Magic Moments florist add some beading to my bouquet as well.
9. (the hair) To calm my nerves and keep me occupied prior to the wedding, I coiffed my hair along with my mom’s and all of my bridesmaids’ (with the exception of Maid of Honor-Sarah’s because she rocks.)
10. (the programs) I blacked out mine and Jon’s silhouette from one of our great engagement pictures, and my rockin’ Maid of Honor mentioned above, Sarah Arms, used it to create our awesome invitations and programs.
11. (the centerpieces) Like our cake, we wanted out centerpieces to be simple yet chic. I proposed the idea of limes and dyed baby’s breath to our designer, Sarah, from Magic Moments, and she made it happen. I was so thrilled with our budget friendly flowers.
12 & 13. (favors) We didn’t want to spend a fortune on our wedding favors, but we also didn’t want to give out junk. After a lot of thought, we finally compromised on giving a two separate favors- one that represents Jon and one that represents me. For Jon, we decided to follow with Italian tradition (since Jon is half Italian) and provide 5 candied almonds to represent health, wealth, happiness, and fertility. I decorated little green boxes with our themed silhouette and placed this saying inside:
Five sugared almonds for each guest to eat
To remind us that life is both bitter and sweet.
Five wishes for the new husband and wife —
Health, wealth, happiness, children, and a long life!
For my favor, I wanted to make a donation to an organization or charity. Prior to getting married, I was an eating disorder therapist. Therefore, I felt/feel very passionate about advocacy, prevention, and treatment for those struggling, so it felt good to make a donation to the National Eating Disorder Association in the names of our guests. To explain this donation to our guests, I created a poem on cute place cards for each table.
14. (the champagne flutes) My darling friend, Lauren, gave us these adorable Kate Spadetoasting flutes for our big day.
15. (the cake) Again! Just love it.


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