Tropical Day Dreaming

Our one year anniversary is just right around the corner (geez, time flies!!), so we have been talking a lot about our celebratory destination. For our honeymoon, I refused to go to a beach. I was steadfast in wanting to go to a location where we could walk around countless hours experiencing the culture, eating yummy food, and exploring. Ironically, I want nothing of the like for our first anniversary. Give me the beach, a carefree book, and tons of R & R, please. I have been pining for a tropical getaway, and of course, this got me thinking about beach attire.

Beach Bum

Every year I swear that the swimwear at anthropologie can’t get any better, but somehow, it always does:

1.)Ruffle bikini 2.)Pink Lemonade Maillot  3.)Striped bikini

Fellow Fair skin beauties, I highly recommend this self tanner by St. Tropez. With most self tanners, I wind up looking like a splotchy oompa loompa, but with this stuff, I am evenly bronzed. Two thumbs up!

4.)Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

Like I said, I am fair and burn very easily. However, hats are a perfect way for me to protect my ivory skin from the sun and remain fashion forward.


Speaking of fashion forward, accessories are key to feeling pretty despite having sand in all the wrong places. These complimentary items caught my attention.

6.)Vintage inspired jewelry 7.)Yellow geometric & burlap tote  8.)Chloé sunglasses 9.)Tory burch shoes



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