Prints Make Me Happy!

Experts say that repetition is great for toddlers, but I argue that repetition is also great for adults especially if it comes in the form of quirky animals, random household objects, and funky plants on your favorite retro style garment. I simply can’t get enough of this fun-filled trend, so I headed over to my go-to online store, Modcloth, for some outfit building inspiration. Enjoy!


flying high
zoo keeper
zoo keeper by arbitraryambrosia

9 thoughts on “Prints Make Me Happy!

  1. Oh, you must be on Pinterest, right? Your ensembles are just lovely . . . For my wedding — what seems like forever ago — I chose a red, black, and white theme. I am so glad I did, because I don’t think that color palette will ever go “out of style”. It will always remain traditionally classy — at least in my opinion. :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

      • Yes! Me, too! And I love mixing patterns — like a black and white polka-dot cardigan, with a red and white striped fitted tee on underneath. Too fun! ;)

        Oh, I don’t, actually! However, I might be able to find some on my Facebook and make a post. That would actually be very fun. And . . . our 8 year anniversary is coming up in May, so it would be apropos. Thank you for inadvertently inspiring a post. LOL!


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