Kid Exercise > Adult Exercise

Humor me for a minute. Think back to around age 6 and imagine you are outside on a beautiful day. You have just spent hours pent-up in your first grade classroom, and you have boundless amounts of energy. What do you do- Run aimlessly, twirl till you fall down, dance to your made up soundtrack, jump incessantly? You bet you do because at that age you are built to play. Movement is fun; it’s a part of who you are.

Now fast forward to present day. Is movement as much fun? Probably not because somewhere along the way we were introduced to exercise: real, adult, calculated exercise. Well, I don’t know about you, but that kind of exercise bores me to death. So, I have decided to revolt! My exercise now consists of aimless walks around the lake,  hula hooping to 90’s music and making up new dance moves on my mini trampoline. Yes, I often feel like my 6 year-old-self, but hey aren’t we all looking for the fountain of youth?

Play like a kid

1. HOP Ball– Is there anything more fun that hopping around on one of these babies?? Added bonus, your quads will get a workout from the hopping and your abs will be burning from all the laughing.

2. New Balance Shoes– Nothing reminds me more of my childhood than neon colors. Yep, I’m a child of the 90’s.

3.I Love my body tee– Need I say more?

4. Mini Trampoline– In the words of Kriss Kross “Jump, jump, you know, you should know that.” You won’t be able to resist.

5. Jump Rope– Nothing will take you back to elementary gym class faster than a jump rope, and if you ask nicely, your BFFs may even come over to double dutch to Miss Mary Mack.

6. Fitness Hoop- Last but not least, the hula hoop. Trust me, it’s a blast and an added bonus is that you will have no need for those awful crunches in your life!


5 thoughts on “Kid Exercise > Adult Exercise

  1. I just bought a jump rope this week! I am ridiculously excited to try it out, and . . . a bit scared, too. Ha! What if I have completely forgotten how to do it?!


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