How To: Teasing Your Hair

Do you have annoyingly flat hair? You know…The kind that just lays lifeless about dull and drab? Well if so, I can absolutely relate, and boy do I have a secret to share with you. Are you ready for it…. it’s teasing! Yes, I’m talking about good, old, southern teasing.  Skeptical? Thats ok- i know teasing gets a bad rap :) But before you write it off, check out this tutorial, and try it for yourself.

Ok, so this is me with semi-flat hair. I had already been out and about for the day, thus I had teased that morning. I tried combing it out, but this trick is pretty powerful. I could only get my hair back to a semi-flat state.

Here’s what you will need: hairspray (I use the cheap Tresemme- its hold is perfect, and it lasts forever) and a round brush with small, preferably plastic bristles. (example)

Start off by sectioning your hair along the crown and sides of your part. A two-inch section is probably best to start with. However, if you want stiffer volume, you will want to use smaller sections. Then spray lightly with hair spray. (This is very important if you have extremely fine hair.)

Next, you will want to hold one section of your hair straight up with one hand. With the other, you will  run the brush in a downward direction (towards your scalp) along the backside of your hair. Repeat this movement with the same section until you have reached the desired amount of volume (the more you repeat the teasing motion, the more volume)

 Repeat the above step with each section of your hair until all sections are complete.

Finally, smooth your hair by lightly brushing the top layer. In this step, be sure not to add very much pressure or you will brush out the teasing. You simply want the top layer to look smooth.

Lightly spray again and there you have it!

Teasing is key to most of my hairstyles. Below I will also show you a quick, half up style and an updo.

After you have teased, take the front section of you hair, twist and secure with bobby pins. I usually use two bobby pins in a crisscrossed fashion.

If you want a quick updo, follow all of the above steps and secure hair in a low poneytail. After securely fashioned, pull out the two hair pins holding the top portion of your hair and lightly loosen if needed. Next, wrap a small section of hair around the hair tie and secure with a bobby pin. Finally, you will section off the remaining hair from your poneytail and pin under usingbobby pins. I do love bobby pins :)

There you have it. A quick and easy updo.


8 thoughts on “How To: Teasing Your Hair

  1. You are seriously too cute . . . I loved this post. Someone such as yourself, stylish and sophisticated, should write for Vogue or Seventeen. The layout of the pictures is terrific, and the pose at the end — simply oozing with femininity, dahling! ;)

  2. You are adorable!! Everyone always asks me how I get such volumised hair.. We have the same tricks ;) awesome post girl xx


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