10 Gifts to Solve Your Mother’s Day Conundrum

Mother’s Day seems to sneak up on me every year, and I always find myself scrambling last-minute for that perfect gift for mom. Well in my search this year, I have come across some pretty awesome items that are too good not to share.

10 ideas for Mother's Day

1. Tote bag– you can never go wrong with a classic, stripped tote. Great for running errands or lazy days on the beach.

2, Clarisonic face care– ok I must admit that I put this on the list because I am dying for one of these myself. But I argue that mother’s need extra clean, excoriated skin, too!

3. sunflowers  if you are really short on time or money, stop by your local Trader Joe’s for some $4.99 sunflowers. It’s always great to mix it up from the standard roses.

4. Atlanta Pillow– How great is this conversation-starting throw pillow? I love it, and the good news is that they carry the same style in many other cities and states.

5. Women for Women International card– Mother’s day card’s are pretty standard and world-wide appreciated. However, this card sends an extra special punch. Make a donation in honor of that special woman in your life and you will help women in war-torn countries change their lives, support their children, and nurture their communities. A card will then be sent to your loved one telling them of the donation.

6. Tweets and Status Updates for All Occasions– Does your mom misuse or often confused by social media? I know my mom isn’t always the most savvy, but this little guide is here to rescue with dozens and dozens of kid approved and convenient updates and explanations.

7. monogram necklace– who doesn’t love a monogrammed necklace? Classic and makes a statement.

8. Mother & Daughter Letter Book– This is a nostalgic little book that contains 40 cards intended to be exchanged between you and your mother. There are tips and sources of inspiration to be used for each card, but after all 40 have been sent, you will each have a piece of one another through your writing to treasure and pass down for generations.

9.Tom Selleck Coffee Mug– What mom doesn’t love Tom Selleck and that dreamy mustache. Make their day ever morning by giving them this gift that keeps on giving!

10. Custom Family Tree Print– You can’t go wrong when you combine eccentric relatives and Etsy. This custom family tree is a great keepsake and is sure to get her rolling with sentimental family stories.

What are you getting your Mother this Mother’s day??


5 thoughts on “10 Gifts to Solve Your Mother’s Day Conundrum

  1. Great ideas, Amber! Especially the Tom Selleck mug, lol! Why is it that every woman over the age of 30 is dreamy for him?

    Though we have not yet settled on gifts for the numerous moms we are honoring next Sunday, more than likely we will go the standard route: cards, flowers, and gift card to some sort of luxurious retreat. Our moms are amazing women. My husband’s mother raised 4 children, virtually on her own, and mine, after an ugly divorce, did everything she could to give me a well-balanced home. We are grateful.

    How about you? Any decisions on gifts?


    • Thanks, Cara! I really enjoyed putting this list together.

      Since my mom reads my blog (or so she tells me!), I’m not going to say just yet what I got her, but I agree with you that you can never go wrong with flowers or spa type retreats! Sounds like you have some amazing women in your life!

  2. Awesome ideas! Unique ones too, not just like the typical ones I have been seeing everywhere on other blogs. :)

  3. Thank you thank you. I really appreciated these excellent gift ideas. It gave me the right push to really explore the best Mother’s Day gift.
    PS. Love the colors and styling on your blog.


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