Fashion Inspiration: Baseball

For the last few days, I have been in Austin and camped out at the Hilton. Now living out of a hotel room has its ups and downs, but I must say that having room service delivered, eating in bed, and watching mindless television is pretty high on my list of an awesome evening. Yes- it may sound lame, but its a luxury I rarely afford myself while at home. Last night I rewarded myself with sushi, American Idol, and  Grey’s Anatomy. However, on commercial breaks I found myself flipping through the channels and watching some brief bits of baseball. It got me thinking about how much I love pinstripes and baseball uniforms. Today’s fashion inspiration is a nod towards just that!

Baseball Inspiration


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Who says that pinstripes, wood, and leather have to be left to the guys? Played the right way, it can be a home run in classic femininity.


12 thoughts on “Fashion Inspiration: Baseball

  1. Ambrosia,
    If you love this you should check out’s limited edition section. Tons of beautiful bags and accessories for men and women, all inspired by America’s favorite pasttime.

  2. My goodness, Amber! Your posts are so thorough and well put together. Your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites to visit. I literally smile in anticipation when I see “Arbitrary Ambrosia” has written a new post.

    I must return the compliment and say that, while reading your writing, I too feel/see your personality shine through. I think you and I would be fast friends. ;)

    Love the pinstripes, and truth-be told, nearly my entire wardrobe consists of stripes. I am obsessed, to put it mildly. Also, I am uber-impressed that you provided a link for every single item (sans the uniform, of course, lol), should we want to purchase anything. May I ask what you do for a living? If that is too personal, I completely understand! However, you seem to have a wealth of knowledge and skill in this genre. I hope you are being appreciated and well-utilized!

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

    ~ Cara

    • Cara- You are right. I think we would be fast friends! And, I’m so glad you are enjoying my blog as much as I do yours :)

      My background is counseling (specifically specializing in eating disorders) but currently, I am doing marketing and community outreach for a treatment center for eating disorders and substance abuse. I love my job, and I love making a difference. It also allows me quite a bit of experience in social media and technology :) You should check out Polyvore. It makes it really simple for you to link images back to its original URL (like I did in this post). Let me know if you ever want tips, I would be happy to help!

      I hope you have an amazing weekend as well! Best!
      – A

      • Your progression sounds wonderfully interesting, and I would presume very challenging as well. My husband is a School Psych, working chiefly with children in the ED program (Emotional Disorders). Eating disorders can be equally as challenging to assess and treat — especially when you have an unwilling child/teen. I hope you don’t think comment of this as sycophantic or glib, but I just have his feeling you are a wonderful role model/mentor for them.

        I will check out Polyvore — thank you for the suggestion!

        Weekend has been wonderful; it could not be any more gorgeous in southern California today. I am blessed. Hope you’re having equally lovely weather!


  3. Ah! I love this! How fun! I didn’t love baseball season until I started dating my now fiance… Now I just can’t wait to go to a game. I usually opt for the typical t shirt, shorts and baseball cap though since the fiance loves it! Love the feminine spin though :)

      • My fiance loves the Braves, so I usually cheer for his team when go to those games. But now that we’ve been in Cincinnati for a while, I am starting to feel loyal to my Reds… Question is, will he speak to me if I wear a Reds hat when they play the Braves this year??


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