Happy Friday!


Happy Friday everyone! It’s a gorgeous day here in Atlanta, and I’m ecstatic to have the day off. My mom is driving down to Atlanta today, and I’m prepping for a day and night of girlie mom celebrating.

What are you up to this weekend?


6 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Happy doggy-mommy day to you :)
    My sweet girl and I are celebrating with lots of cuddles.

    Girlie fun; sounds fabulous! Are you two going to a spa? We have many rounds to hit today . . . First we will pick up fresh flowers, next we visit my step-mom and her family, then rush over to this amazing little pizza place that makes custom pizzas for you to bake at home. Back home, my mom will come over to join my husband’s mom, and then we shall eat! Very much looking forward to a relaxing evening!

    Hope you have a wonderful day with your mom!
    ~ Cara

    • Cuddle time with the pup (mine will always be a puppy to me) is always perfect! Girlie time was great as well! Lots of shopping and eating and mani/pedis. It was a wonderful treat.

      Sounds like you had a busy day getting around to all the moms in your life, but I’m sure it was worth it. It makes your relaxing evening all he better- I’m sure. Hope you are enjoying it and have had a wonderful day as well! Best.


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