Paper Flowers

I love reasons to celebrate and host people at my home. So when Jon suggested that we have our moms over for an early Mother’s Day dinner, I was thrilled. I immediately started looking for some fun table decorations and happen to stumble across these adorable paper flowers at the blog How About Orange. They are quick, easy, and add the perfect amount of quirky fun.

Here’s how:

All you need for this crafty little project is:

  1. paper ( I used some left over scrapbooking paper and an old urban outfitter magazine),
  2. floral sticks (found at Michael’s in the floral section),
  3. floral tape, and
  4. scissors

(No, I didn’t leave out the glue. No glue is needed, my friend!!)

Here is a great template to use for the designs shown above. Unfortunately, my printer is currently low on ink, so I free-handed the design. I personally like the jagged edges but simply printing out the template would have been much easier.

After each design has been cut out of the paper of your choice, you will begin to pleat the edges of each petal. Be sure to pleat in the same direction (It’s easier). Again, if your pleats aren’t perfect, no big deal. This just adds a more three deminsional look to your flowers.

Once you have pleated all three petals, you will then go to work on the flag. Fold the triangle portion lengthwise approximately three times until very thin. This creates the stem. You should have one portion of your paper flag remaining that has not been folded. For this section, you will use a floral stick to roll it towards the longer, thin stem. This creates the center of your flower and helps your petals remain in place.

Next, you will poke a small hole in the center of your three petals. Then thread each petal through your stem. You will want to start with your smallest petal first.

Next, you will insert the floral stem in the middle of your paper stem and then wrap with floral tape.

Last, use a pencil or a spare floral stem to curl the edges of each petal to add more depth (and hide flaws!)

Voila, you have yourself pretty paper flowers. You can use them to decorate gifts, tables, wreaths, make garland…. the imagination can go on and on. :)

Here is how I used them.


Courtesy to Jessica Jones


3 thoughts on “Paper Flowers

  1. I LOVE this! That’s so creative and fun! I will have to try it at some point… Mixing it up like you did not only makes it so colorful but adds such great texture with the cut flowers!

  2. Oh, I love “How About Orange” ; So many cute ideas. I’ve had a page on her site bookmarked for months, telling myself I’ll get to it sooner or later. :)

    Back when I was doing a Tutorial Tuesday every week, I did one similar to this — a paper-bouquet — and it turned out splendidly. Yours is more intricate, I think, and has a completely different look to them. I will have to give this another go. I love the layers and potential creativity.

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