OOTD: Pretty in Pink

Do you remember that adorable thrif dress I found in Austin? I fell in love with it immediately because of the color, style, and fit (and while wearing it, I felt like I belonged on Leave It to Beaver!!) I couldn’t wait to get it home and snap some photos to share with you all.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


13 thoughts on “OOTD: Pretty in Pink

  1. Very cute, Amber! This dress fits your body exceptionally well. I LOVE when cute clothes and my body are compatible!

    P.S. Who takes these awesome shots of you? Are you married to “weekend” photographer, too? ;-)

    Hope you’re having a great week!

    ~ Cara

    • Sweet Cara- I had no intentions of buying this dress when I ran across it. I just wanted to try it on for fun, but when something fits that perfect, you have to get it, right?? I do love when cute things are compatible! Do you enjoy shopping?

      And my husband does take some pictures, but most of the time I prop my camera up on something nearby. I have to take a lot more photos to get a few decent ones, but its worth it to have the ability to just be silly and pose while no one is actually watching. My next investment will be a tripod, ha. Does your sweet husband take photos of you?

      I hope you are having a fabulous week, too! – Amber

  2. Yes, yes, and yes! I can never get enough of clothes that fit exceptionally well. You simply could not pass up something such as this flirty-flattering dress. It was made for you, my dear! Shopping is most definitely a hobby, but I try and limit it to grocery and thrift. LOL. On the weekends, I will splurge a little, and if it fits, well, you know …

    Yes, he does actually! He is quite the proficient photographer, and when I need something photographed well, I call upon his assistance rather than resorting to my iPhone. It works in a pinch, but to achieve quality photos — like you in this dress — I need something better!

    Talk to you soon!

    ~ Cara

    • Thanks Melly! Other than white, this color of pink may be my favorite; its so girlie and feminine. And don’t you worry- December will roll around soon enough, and then it will be my turn to be jealous of your gorgeous Australian summer. Thanks for reading!

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