Happy Birthday, Kathryn

Today is Kathryn’s birthday! Kathryn and I met while at the University of South Carolina. We happen to be in the same sorority and instantly bonded due to us both being “rule followers.” Kathryn has grown to be one of my dearest friends and today… it being her birthday and all… I can’t help but to reflect on our friendship and our awesome memories. So here are some pictures to help you take a walk down memory lane with me!

Here is to another great year in the ATL dear friend! Happy Birthday!! XO


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Kathryn

  1. Happy Birthday, Kathryn! (I’m a little late, but please pass on my wishes) ;-)

    You two have a beautiful friendship . . . I can feel the love you share, and how natural it is being around one another. My Bestie is on my mind this morning, as she leaves for Kenya in less than a month and half, to share her gifts with the impoverished. She will be missed, but she will be doing amazing things, too!

    These are the friends you cherish for life!

    Happy Saturday!
    ~ Cara

    • You are so kind! We are both so lucky to have great friends in our life.

      I’m sure it must be so hard to see your friend go to a potentially dangerous area, but it does sound like she is doing amazing work. I will keep her and her mission in my heart as she travels and shares her gifts!

      I hope you are having a great weekend!


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