Music Monday: When I Get My Wings- Boogie Shoes

I spent last Tuesday night with my sweet grandmother. We spent the night watching Dancing With the Stars, eating strawberries and reminiscing. It was one of my favorite kind of nights- one of those that just feels like “home.” Like most children, my grandparents’ home was one of my favorite places to visit when I was a child. My grandma and grandpa were great playmates, made the yummiest food, and showered me and my cousins with attention. I hold so many special memories with them and their home.

Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away last fall. It has been a tough for the whole family especially my grandmother. However, she is the strongest, most optimistic woman I know.  She has embraces their memories together, honored her sadness, and in a true womanly fashion- redecorated her whole house :) Tuesday night, she gave me one of the best gifts I have ever received. She gave me her 50+-year-old wedding ring and band because she is no longer able to wear them. These rings mean the world to me and symbolize two very special people in my life.

This Music Monday song is dedicated to them. Will Hoge’s song “When I Get My Wings” is written from the perspective of a husband to his wife, but the lyrics and passion in his voice conveys a heartfelt and emotional provoking message.

And because I don’t want to depress you too much this monday morning, here is one of the happiest songs I know in contrast!

K. C. and the Sunshine Band- Boogie Shoes


2 thoughts on “Music Monday: When I Get My Wings- Boogie Shoes

  1. What a special gift, Amber. One I know must have touched you deeply. There aren’t many “things” in this word that stand the test of time, but love is one of them; the love your grandmother first had for her husband, and the love she has for you. I pray you hold tight to these symbols of love, wearing these beautiful rings and experiencing the same fierce adoration, commitment, and joy in your marriage.



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