Crazy About Stripes

Did your fashion guru ever tell you not to wear horizontal stripes? They are suppose to be a girl’s worst enemy, right?  Making you look at least two sizes bigger, highlighting all the wrong spots, and simple being unflattering. Well, I’m here to challenge that and help you find the best stripe for your body!

Busty Girls
It’s best to wear your stripes on the lower half of your body. Why? Because this draws the eye down and creates the illusion of a more hour-glass figure. Try wearing a striped skirt with a solid top.

Hour glass
You lucky girls you! You can wear stripes on the top or bottom since you are pretty proportional. Try a nautical stripe on top with a cute pair of shorts on bottom or a dress with smaller stripes around the waist highlighting the smallness of the area.

If you have a boyish figure, rocking some stripes is great for you! Try a striped dress with a full skirt. Add a cute statement belt, and you have instant curves.

Pear Shaped
You booty-licious ladies can create a more even look by wearing stripes on top. Try a cute, fitted stripped top with a pair of wide-leg dark jeans or trousers.

Apple Shaped
You will want to show of your beautiful arms and legs. One of the best ways to do this is with a simple shift dress. Find one with subtle stripes, and you are ready to go!

Plus Sized 
Now, I know that horizontal stripes have been the ultimate no-no for you in the past. However, I’m here to tell you that you can rock the stripes with the best of them. Pair a flowy, striped top with dark jeans and a blazer or a v-necked dress with smaller stripes around the waist. Both are great styles for you.

Biggest tip to remember: avoid wearing stripes around your widest area or cutting them off at the top or bottom of a broad area of your body. They are best when worn around areas you would like to accentuate. (i.e. bust, hips, waist)

Also, stripes look most classic when worn in black, white, grey, navy, or a subdued color.

Worn the right way, stripes can be awesome!

Here are some stripes I am loving at the moment:

Stripe Crazy


Hope you are having a happy, happy Wednesday!

xo, Amber


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