Long Live the Queen: Diamond Jubilee Party & Union Jack

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My husband is an avid soccer fan, and one of his favorite teams is Manchester United (Here is a clip of him in a pub before Champions league game). Occasionally, I will appease him and watch soccer, which is okay, but truly my favorite part is watching the fans go crazy, hearing them unite in crazy chants, and imagining the chaos that is occurring at the local pubs. Honestly, I have been pretty fascinated with the English obsession with soccer ever since watching Green Street Hooligans– great movie by the way. Anyways, I’m saying all of this to say that one thing I know for certain is that Brits love soccer and sure know how to party! And what better excuse to party than to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 years on the throne.  Here are a collection of some of my favorite party people.

credit here


Jubilee 2

Credit Here

And what post about England would be complete without some cool Union Jack items?? Here are my faves.

union Jack

Hope your living up your Saturday like the Queen! Happy Saturday!


7 thoughts on “Long Live the Queen: Diamond Jubilee Party & Union Jack

    • Non- I wish I were celebrating in the UK! However, I am in Canada this weekend, which also holds a great affinity for Queen! I am just simply intrigued by the celebration and couldn’t resist posting! Please celebrate for the both of us!! Happy Sunday.

      • Oh please call me Sarah :) Didn’t know they celebrated it in Canada..thought it would be more of an english community in canada kind of thing..but they probably celebrate it in Australia then? :) It’s been nice..the weather though seems not to be so happy :( but nothing stops the celebration really..if you have a pint at hand right? :)

  1. I L-O-V-E the party pics! Those are awesome! So fun – I was talking with a friend who was wondering if their enthusiasm is related to their patriotism or if its their love of a good party. Either way… long live the queen!


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