Home Decor: Daydreaming of White Kitchens

It’s amazing how immediately after getting married, I feel so much more maternal. As of late, It seems that little kids are all around, and they sure do melt my heart.  But please don’t get me wrong. The little stinkers sure are cute, but they are not in Jon nor I’s plan for another few years. So to stave off my sneaky maternal desires, I have been spending a lot of time daydreaming about home renovations, and top on my list is a dreamy white kitchen. I think even I would like to cook in one of these beauties.

white farm style kitchen

<House Beautiful>

white kitchen RDuJour




<Southern Accents>

What do you think? If you could renovate any part of your home, where would it be and what would you do?


3 thoughts on “Home Decor: Daydreaming of White Kitchens

  1. Oh, that is too funny. I have, I kid you not, a House Beautiful magazine that I receive once a month, and today (my day off) I plan to pour over it and my cup of coffee. After these gorgeous photos, you have me itching to look at it now.

    A white kitchen . . . *sigh* Yes, I am right there with you. In fact, on Pinterest I have an entire board dedicated “White Things”. I don’t know what it is about white; something about it being pure maybe, and clean; though ironically, it’s ridiculously impossible to keep anything white. A child in that kitchen causes me anxiety, lol! Other than the bedroom, yes, I think the kitchen would be the place to invest both time and money. I would think that it being the place where you eat, host, and convene, that it should reflect your taste and impose a comfortability upon you and those you invite into your home.

    Happy weds to you, Amber!

    ~ C

    • Cara- I must hop on over to your Pinterest account and check out your “white things.” Funny enough, white has been my favorite color since I was 12. Yes, I heard all the jokes about it not being a color, but there was something about it that I loved and still do. I hope you found some beautiful and inspiring things in your House Beautiful mag. It and Real Simple are my airplane reading treats. :)
      xo, Amber

  2. These are wonderful inspirations! I’ve been drooling over photographs of white-based bathrooms (my bathroom seriously may be the death of me). What would I do with it? Where it is small I would make it large, where it is dark I would make it light (and vice versa), where it is retro I would make it modern (and vice versa). I would change everything about it!


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