Music Monday: Gravity by Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers

For the most part, I love Atlanta. However, one thing I do desperately miss is having a music buddy with similar taste. In Nashville, I was lucky enough to have a roommate who shared my love for soul-speaking music. I could blare (no pun intended, Kim) my harmonica-filled music as loud as I wanted without ever having to ask “do you want me to change this?” Instead, she would be singing the lyrics right along with me or suggesting new and equally melancholy songs. I affectionately refer to her as my music mentor, and she rocks!

Needless to say when Kim told me she was going to be in Atlanta this weekend and suggested a concert, I was all in.  We went to the hip, intimate music venue, Eddie’s Attic, where we saw Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers. I have been a fan of this group for some time, but it was my first time seeing them live and boy was I impressed. I couldn’t get enough of Kellogg’s witty banter and was beyond amazed by the talent and passion in their music. With most of the songs being about family, belonging, or love, I walked away feeling happy and upbeat. I would highly recommend seeing this group live; they are even better in person!

Here we are, rain soaked and all, right before the concert.

And with it being Music Monday and all, I think it is only fitting for the song of the day to be one of the Sixers. Here is the groups first single and opening track to their recent album “Gift Horse.”

Gravity- Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers


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