Tuesday Night Surfing (of the net)

It seems like the last three weeks have been a whirlwind with weekend travels, hectic workdays, and spoken for evenings, but tonight, my friend, has been entirely devoted to some much-needed self-care.

One of my favorite ways to unwind is yoga, and it just so happens that my favorite yoga class (where I’m surrounded by spunky little old ladies) is on Tuesday evenings. Immediately following work, I popped into my class where my body thanked me for some needed stretching, breathing and even a short nap (I feel asleep during the Savasana- told you I was tired). 1 point for self-care! Then I arrived at home to find my sweet husband cooking a lovely dinner because he knew I was feeling exhausted. How sweet, right? 2 self-care points for not having to cook dinner. And to finish off my evening, I have been curled up on the sofa mindlessly surfing the net (my favorite self soothing activity.)

Here are some things that caught my eye.

JulieAnn Art– while browsing Etsy, I ran across this handmade father’s day card (because I’m still doing father’s day shopping- eek!) When I stumbled across JulieAnn’s handmade father’s card, I smiled at its cheeky little saying and simple design. What father wouldn’t love this?

Marnie T-shirt– Im am a big believer in tithing, and my favorite way to do that is by donating to charities that speak to my heart. What’s even better? Finding fashion that uses your money to donate, and you get some cute frocks in turn. I am really loving this Marni-T that has been decorated by artwork from children across the world. The best part is 100% of sales go to education and development projects funding schools and hospitals.

Art by Emma– Another love of mine is mixed media collages. I know Emma personally and am always in awe of her talent and vision. She has created some of the best collages I have ever seen and is happy to commission a piece of art that fits your hearts desire. She is seriously gifted!

Stars & Stripes Toms– As I said earlier, I love any fashion that gives back, and probably the most famous in that arena is Toms shoes. I saw these patriotic Toms today and fell in love. I’m seriously needing these in time for the 4th (Lynsey- you want to be twins?)!

Tre’sors De Luxe– While I’m on this miscellaneous kick, I think it’s also fitting that I talk about the great folks over at Tre’sors De Luxe. A month ago they announced the grand opening of their online jewelry boutique. There you can find fabulous and unique jewelry for great prices! I was honored that they sent me one of their most popular items: the “Feathers” bracelet in turquoise. You can see the lovely piece in my picture above. Thanks TDL!

Do you love surfing the internet as much as I do? And if so, have you had any great finds lately?


11 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Surfing (of the net)

  1. Where do you do yoga?? I love the patriotic Toms and the bracelets are so cute!!! I don’t comment enough, but I love your blog, it’s part of my morning reads :)

    • Thanks for reading, July! It means so much that I can be a part of your mornings! I do yoga at the Y right down the road (thus all the older people). But, I have been contemplating joining a yoga studio. If I do, would you want to go with me? :)

      • Yes I would love to! LA Fitness offers a few classes, but they are not so great, and kind of late sometimes, so I was thinking about looking for a studio around Dunwoody/Sandy Springs!

  2. Yes, point for you for the service in which you did your body. Yoga is fantastic. And many more points for marrying a man who anticipates your exhaustion and takes cooking initiative! My husband does ALL the cooking around here, because simply put, he is fabulous at it. I appreciate that one, he enjoys cooking, and two, he neither judges nor pesters me about my lack of desire in wanting to be in the kitchen. There are other realms in our household where he wouldn’t know a warm from a cold load, and that is where the blend is the sublime. :)

    Love those TOMS!

    • ahhh, isn’t it a blessing being with someone who balances you out! I was almost in tears (of gratitude) when I walked and saw the deliciousness prepared. It sounds like your hubby is the ying to your yang as well :)

  3. I just realized that your blog wasn’t showing up in my reader! Must see about that! I read this, though, on Tuesday, and felt compelled to offer my cheers for the items you showcased. Not only is the bracelet lovely, but those TOMS are such fun! I am doing some soul searching as we speak about why I don’t own a pair. I do love to feel good about the companies/artists I’m supporting!


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