Summer Lovin

Happy Thursday, everyone! It has started off being a very happy day for me because today marks my first ever guest post! One of the first blogs I ever started following was Natty Michelle. Her love for vintage, beautiful artwork, and amazing writing made her blog an instant hit in my book, and from that point on, I have been hooked. I met Natalie a year or so ago through my husband and our friend, Betsy. The three of them along with a whole host of other top-notch kids went to school together in the suburban capital of the world- Peachtree City, GA.

I was beyond thrilled when Natalie asked me to post in her absence (She and her sweet husband are out-of-town on a beach vacay). Here is a peek at my favorite summer necessities, but head on over to NattyMichelle to see why!


6 thoughts on “Summer Lovin

    • No, thank you! I was glowing from the sweet words you said on your post. It was such an honor, and I really enjoyed putting it together. I would love to do it again in the future. Hope you have safe travels back home!

  1. Amber,
    Another beautiful collection! The coral nail polish is favorite, for sure. I usually spend at least 15 minutes scouring my options at the salon — and even then I always second guess, wondering, “Did I make the right choice?!”

    Oh, and is that an signature emblem at the bottom of your page? I love it!

    I thought I should let you know, however, that the link “Natty Michelle,” in inactive; it took me to a “You seem to be lost” default page. Easily remedied. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend, my dear!

    ~ Cara

    • Cara-

      I do the same thing at nail salons, ha. Its a big decision!! And, yes, its suppose to be a signature emblem. I’m trying it out to see if I like it, so thanks for your words of encouragement.

      Also, thank you for the heads up about the link! I think I fixed it, so you should be able to go over to NattyMichelle without any issue :)

      I hope you are having a fabulous weekend, lovely!



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