Travel Time: Chicago Girls Trip

Last weekend I was in Chicago with some of by best girlfriends, Lauren, Lindsay, and Felicia. The three of us all went to grad school together for counseling, and I often half jokingly/ half seriously credit these women for saving my life. You see, our program had a philosophy that you must do your own soul-searching and self-exploring before you can ever be a good counselor. We were submerged in counseling theories and practices and were required to see our own therapist to really get to know ourselves. As you could imagine, those two years were very intense, and I was incredibly lucky to find these ladies. We would spend countless hours hashing out our past, laughing at our current situations, and dreaming of our futures. To say the least, we bonded. We laughed, we cried, we got angry, and we laughed some more. This was when I truly found myself.

Okay, Okay…enough of all that sappy and serious stuff, but I say all of that to show how special these three ladies are to me. And, unfortunately, all three of us haven’t been together in one place since grad school due to crazy circumstances ( Lauren moved to New Orleans, Felicia to St. Joe, and Linds and I got married one day a part preventing us all being together at each others weddings…)  Needless to say, this trip was much-anticipated and a great joy.

Here are some of the highlights from the weekend.

Our first night in Chicago was somewhat low-key since Lauren and I arrived pretty late. We went to a great Asian fusion spot, Urban Belly, and stayed up late drinking wine (our favorite grad school wine- Woop Woop pictured above) and catching up.

The next day we woke up early for a glorious day of shopping on Michigan Avenue.

And then visited the “Bean” at Millennium Park– A must, right?

Then on to deep dish Pizza and Blue Moons, another must!

Much needed coffee break at an adorable pastry shop, Fritz Pastry.

Then we got all dolled up for our night out. We went to a show at Second City, had dinner at a Mexican Tapa restaurant (whose name escapes me) and then to a local bar (whose name also escapes me- it was a good night!) While out at the forgotten bar, we were lucky enough to share drinks with some 2nd string Chicago Bears (not to be confused with the Bears basketball team, Linds!)

After our night out, we came home to some delicious Jenny’s Splendid Ice Cream. If you haven’t had any, you are missing out!

Our last day together was pretty lazy. We drove to St. Joseph Michigan, laid out by the pool where Lauren almost died, and listened to live music at the Round Barn Winery. It was an amazing, long-overdue, trip.

And aside from having some of the best friends a girl could ask for, they are also awesomely stylish, right? I thought so too, so you will have to stop by again for later posts where I tell you how to get their looks!

Do you have any fun girl trips planned this summer?


5 thoughts on “Travel Time: Chicago Girls Trip

    • Karie- Thank you so much! I love following your blog as well. It has been so helpful reading about your pinterest adventures and has helped me navigate which projects are worthwhile! Also, your two little ones are beautiful! Hope you are having a Happy Sunday! -Amber


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