Happy Father’s Day

Left: my father and I at my Aunt’s wedding c. 1993;
Right: my father and I at my own wedding last year. Photo by Katie Snyder Photography.

Maybe you are a father, or married to a father, or maybe you have just spent the day celebrating with your own father, but all the same, I hope you have had a happy and blessed Father’s Day. My day to celebrate with my father is next Tuesday,  but I am still thinking of him, my father-in-law Larry, and my best friend’s dad- Sammy  on this very special day. Thank you to all those father’s out there; you have such a very special role!

In honor of this day, I would also like to share with you a special poem my cousin Brandon wrote about his own father, Mike.  My father and Mike are brothers, who in many ways are like night and day, but very similar in other ways. As I have said before, we all grew up in a small, country town in Tennessee where hard work, perseverance, and neighborly love served as the cornerstone of living. Those qualities are in my father, my uncle, and my cousins. This poem is so very dear to me because it represents them.

Daddy’s Jacket

Busted knuckles and calloused hands have rested in the pockets.
Bitter cold and January winds have worn against the well faded denim.
Falling snow has mixed with sweat from a horse’s neck on a mountain trail ride.
Grease from a motor stains one shoulder, while a cut from barbed wire decorates one sleeve.
Hard work in cold weather is as much the fabric of this old jacket as denim and flannel.
Determination and a commitment to doing things right, even if it means shouldering a little pain,
This has been the existence of this jacket, because that’s the soul of the man that wore it.
Some dirt, some grease, some sweat, and a little bit of blood built it’s character.
I just hope the shoulders covered by that ole jacket now prove to be at least half as strong,
at least half as broad, and can shoulder at least half the load in whatever storm comes,
As the pair it covered before.
I hope I can fill my Daddy’s jacket.

poem courtesy of Brandon Martin.


11 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Other than a bitty of gray around the sides and bottom, that man is as handsome as he was 20 years ago! Please tell him I said so.

    And you . . . you are stunning, Amber. Thank you for sharing your heart and your men. Brandon’s poem touched my heart, and I have a clear picture of who these men are you to both. Strong men. Men who know tough by the look of it, but are soft when they should be.

    I hope you enjoy your time with him on Tuesday.

    ~ C

    • Cara- thank you so much! When I was with my dad on Tuesday, I let him read my blog post and comments. He laughed out loud when he read your comment. I’m sure it made his day.

      Thank you for your kind words! I always appreciate hearing from you. Hope you are having a great day! xo


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