Summer Casual III: Mint Green

So, I must first explain that it was like pulling teeth to get Felicia to agree to let me take a few pictures of her. I say that to tell you a little bit about her personality. She has an infectious smile, a sensational sense of humor, and emits beauty inside and out. However, she hates the spotlight. Her fashion style is similar. She says she believes in comfort over style but somehow, she always walks out the door in something cute, whether it be a funky owl necklace, a trendy flowy top, or a flirty dress.

Her lovely mint green dress is a perfect combination of her laid back style with a hint of that femininity.

In case you are wanting to steal her dress and make one your own, you can find it at H&M.

I, myself, am loving the popularity of the mint green. The color looks great on almost everyone and it reminds me of the 50’s! Two major pluses in my book :) Here are some mint green finds for you fashion inspiration of the day!

mint green



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