Summer Casual: Turquoise and Orange

Last but not least is Lindsay! Her bright orange shorts and funky turquoise necklace are perfect compliments to her fun-loving and energetic spirit. A plane, white tank never looked so good, right?

Turquoise is moving to the top of my list as a my favorite color for the summer. Pair it with orange (go back to your roots with the color wheel) and boy does it pop. Here’s some turquoise and orange inspiration for your Friday pleasure!

turquoise and orange

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/ Five/ Six/ Seven/ Eight

Do you have a favorite summer casual look??

5 thoughts on “Summer Casual: Turquoise and Orange

  1. Turquoise and orange are two of my favorites! The earrings that I bought in Austin are a combination of those colors, in fact! I L-O-V-E the earrings and the shoes in your arrangement, too. I also like navy and white/nautical themes in summer (although I sometimes think that that gets overplayed in spring and summer).

    • Ahhh, that’s right; those earrings were turquoise and orange! Turquoise is definitely a great color for your fabulous hair. I also love the nautical theme. One of my favorite summer shirts has navy stripes. I refer to it as my sailor shirt :) Hope you had a great weekend with your hubby! :)


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