OOTD: Palazzo Pants

I’m a daydreamer. I daydream about practical things like remodeling my house, not very practical things like winning the lotto, and sometimes I daydream about random things like what it would have been like being born in Australia or even what it would be like to go back in time and meet my mom in her 20’s (Back to the Future style). When I need a break from the hustle and bustle of the world, these are the places my mind goes, and while I will probably never win millions or travel back in time, I would like to think that I channel my mother’s 1970s spirit ever now and again through certain outfits.

My outfit today did exactly that. Now, I have no idea if my mom ever wore Palazzo pants back in the day, but if she didn’t, she should have! My mom likes fashion (on a certain level). But above everything else, she is a woman of comfort, and let me tell you, these pants are comfortable. Think walking around in pajamas all day long! I am a fan.

 hat: target; shirt: banana; pants: F21-3 below; necklace: Backeesh

 Along with thinking of my mother, I also can’t help but to think of Rhoda from the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I used to love this show growing up and couldn’t get enough of Rhoda and Mary’s funky style. Below you will find a picture of none other than Rhoda in her very own palazzo pants.

Also, I think I should mention that while scouring the net for some inspiration for you guys, I noticed that ASOS is having a huge sale on their palazzo pants. I think it’s a sign that you need to scoop up a pair. Just remember- if you have been blessed with a booty and the pants are high-waisted, you may want to go up a size and have them tailored. My pants above were a little snug because of this.

palazzo pants

6 thoughts on “OOTD: Palazzo Pants

    • Well, thank you! Once I put it on, I thought the same thing! And yes, you need to grab a pair. I’m not exaggerating when I say that they are like wearing pajamas (but with style!) Hope you are having a great Friday! xo Amber

    • Your compliment made me smile! Thank you so much. And if you ever see a pair when you are out and about, you should definitely try them on. You may be surprised :) Hope you are having a lovely evening!

    • haha! Well, I do love shopping, and I think you would look great in a pair of these comfy pants. Maybe a shopping trip is in order :) Thanks for reading, Gizelle! Hope you are having a happy 4th!


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