Fashion Inspiration: Modern Americana

Today’s guest blog post is from my best friend, Sarah. She and I met the first day of kindergarten, and it was friendship at first sight. Despite changing a great deal since that day (I was painfully shy and she was almost as painfully bossy) our friendship has seem to grow stronger and stronger each and every year that passes. I am so thankful to be able to call her my sister and best friend. When thinking about what I would ask her to post about, it was a no-brainer: Fashion. Not only does she have impeccable taste, but she also manages to never have a hair out-of-place or the slightest wrinkle in her clothing. She is always beautifully put-together, and I think her 4th of July fashion inspiration reflects that perfectly. Sarah, Thanks for sharing! 

Sarah: Let your colors fly! This fourth of July, it’s not just about coordinating with the Independence Day fireworks. It’s about honoring all the little details that make our nation great. Presenting, Modern Americana:

red white and fabulous

One/   Two/   Three/   Four/  Five/   Six/   Seven/
1. Whether skinny, straight or in this case, the clean front short by Banana Republic, nothing speaks to our nation’s pioneering spirit like Levi Strauss’s original creation, denim.

 2. Just as the Fourth wouldn’t be complete without fireworks, no outfit is complete without the perfect accessories: Serenity small stone drop earrings by Stella & Dot.

3.  The Perfect Shirt by J. Crew in anchors and horseshoes. It’s celebrates America’s majesty from sea to shining sea, across all those amber waves of grain. Inspired by sailors and cowboys, it’s the perfect nod to our history and a comfy topper to your favorite denim shorts.

4. My favorite bag this season is the navy Willis with its nostalgic American style. A resurrection of one of Coach’s original Bonnie Cashin designs, this beautiful cross body bag is easy to carry to every event and helps me rock a quirky, vintage vibe.


5. For a chic leg-elongating look, pair your tailored shorts with the Tristen Heel by Coach. A fun mix of modern color-blocking, paired with Coach’s timeless legacy of design.


6. Fossil’s Stella multifunction gold-tone watch pairs perfectly for just the right mix of natural charm and mechanical grace. To add even more oomph to your outfit, check out the fedora from J. Crew!


7. Topping it off and dressing it up, the navy schoolboy jacket by J. Crew  is both classic and practical. (It still gets chilly on the waterfront when the sun goes down.

Blending stand-out elements like the perfect shirt with your favorite staples like a denim short ensures you look stylish and individual, but still classic. Kind of like how our modern United States blends different backgrounds and ideas into an ever-evolving culture–always moving but always loyal to the great independent spirit that inspires this holiday.

 You can find this look and others pined here. Do you have your 4th of July outfit picked out yet?



7 thoughts on “Fashion Inspiration: Modern Americana

    • Yes ma’am- I’m loving those earrings, too! I actually had it linked to your Stella&Dot account, but it doesn’t show up when clicked. hmmmm. Maybe I can do a Stella&Dot post next week! Thank you for reading and I’m hoping you have a great 4th!

  1. Thanks everyone for the compliments–especially since its my first post. Super uplifting! Feel free to follow me on Pinterest for more of the same.


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