Music Monday: Imagine Dragons

Well, it’s another beautiful sunny Monday and time to get back to the daily grind. I thought I would be dreading it, but I’m actually excited to get back to some structure and productivity. So excited in fact that I have a myriad collection of songs stuck in my head. That’s how I truly know that I’m in a good mood; I’m singing in the car and humming out in public. While it can be somewhat embarrassing, particularly if someone points out you are humming the “hi hooo hi hooo off to work we go” song from Snow White, it usually always coincides with a huge smile plastered on my face. Speaking of music, its time for another Music Monday.

Today’s band it courtesy of my hip, music-loving brother-in-law, Marc. He periodically sends me a few bands that he thinks I will love, and he is usually right on the mark! The Imagine Dragons formed a few years ago, and have made a few great songs. However, It’s time is my favorite with the clapping at the beginning and the great message of being true to who you are. Hope you enjoy!

Imagine Dragons- It’s Time

Happy Monday, peeps!


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