OOTD: Puritan Collar And Drop Waist

One of my favorite pastimes is thrifting. I love sifting through old dishes, knick knacks, furniture and most of all clothing. Yes, old clothing is my weakness. I love imagining who wore it before me and what they may have done in it.

When I came across this handsewn dress at one of my favorite Atlanta shops, I knew I had to have it. The drop waist and exaggerated collar was too much for me to resist. However, it was a bit long, but secret number 1 to thrifting is never pass up something just because it doesn’t fit perfectly. As soon as I got it home, I had it shortened. Unfortunately, it was shortened a bit too short and a little secret about me is that I am super uncomfortable in short short dresses. I’m super clumsy and the style isn’t exactly flattering on my shapely, white legs. I have always steered clear of these short numbers until I recently discovered the beauty of tights. Dark and bright tights are amazing; they are instantly more slimming and prevent showing your booty in case of an untimely accident.

Since my cute little dress had become even smaller, it was in need some spunky tights. I love these yellow tights with the dress, but it is a bit warm for them during the steamy summer days for my taste. I will have to reserve them for date nights in chilly restaurants or hold out for the upcoming fall chill. How do you feel about tights in the summer?


Hope you are having a great Wednesday, and don’t forget that you still have till midnight tomorrow to register for the Stella & Dot giveaway!


16 thoughts on “OOTD: Puritan Collar And Drop Waist

  1. Your hair is perfect for that outfit! And the dress is really cute, and it looks like it was made for tights, frankly. I’m all too familiar with how hot it is outside, though, so I really can’t do them (even though I love them) between May (sometimes even April)-October. My loss, though…

    • Thanks, Anne Marie! Have you worn the bun yet?? (Next Thursday, please? ) I thought the tights looked like they were made for the outfit, too; however, it was pretty warm! Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

  2. Love the dress and it is too cute with the tights.
    I try to find either light weight tights in the summer or wear leggings (because I dislike my old-lady knees very much!). Luckily, you don’t have that problem! But calf length leggings can be a fun summer option.

    • Laura- I have never tried calf-length leggings! I will have to put them on my list; thanks for the suggestion! And I’m sure your knees are not old-lady like, but I do think we are our own worst critics. I’m not a huge fan of my legs either, but I also know that no one else probably notices the “flaws” like I do. Anyways, thats the beauty of clothing and accessories. They can help you cover those things you aren’t too crazy about!

      Hope you are having a fantastic day! Amber

  3. Adorable! You look like you belong on the set of Mad Men (I should know, since I’ve just watched all 5 seasons in the last 3 weeks)!!! I’m totally obsessed with tights (unadventurous black ones though) and Im loving all takes on the neck bib!

    • That is one of the biggest compliments ever, Melly! Thank you! I am quite obsessed with Mad Men as well. My husband and I went on a Mad Men bender last summer to get caught up. It’s one of my favorite all-time shows. Glad you are liking it, and again, thanks for you kind words! XO Amber

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