Day to Day: Senoia, Georgia

This weekend may be one of my favorites of this entire summer. No, I didn’t leave the country nor did I find myself stumbling in at 3 am after a fun-filled night with friends. Instead, I was in bed by 11, up by 9, and felt a consistent calmness and contentment the entire weekend.

Since we have been traveling so much this summer, we have found that we have neglect many of our friends and family right here at home. So that’s what this weekend was all about- catching up!

Friday night we met up with one of our all-time favorite couples, David and Betsy, for a few drinks and a couple of hours of catching up. Saturday Jon golfed while my friend Lynsey, her beautiful baby Avery, and I had a girls day in Senoia, GA (FYI- its where The Walking Dead is being filmed! and later that evening, we had a famous 4-hour long Corbi dinner. I love nothing more than spending a leisurely evening with my mother and father-in-law. They cook the best food and really know how to make a home feel like a home. Apps, before dinner drinks, a leisurely dinner, and then coffee and dessert are all the norm while also engaging in heartwarming conversation.

Here are some of favorite pictures from yesterday with Lynsey and Avery in Senoia.

Today has been pretty low-key too. Church, brunch with some friends, shopping, and an evening of painting. (Maybe I will work up the nerve to post some of my artwork sometime soon!)

As you can tell, nothing too exciting about this weekend, but it has been filled with quality time with some of our favorites! Hope you have had just as good of a weekend! XO


6 thoughts on “Day to Day: Senoia, Georgia

  1. What a wonderful weekend . . . It’s like you say, and sometimes we get so caught up in going places and doing things, we neglect the people and activities in our back yard, so to speak. So glad you were able to enjoy a tranquil weekend with those you love. The baby is just too cute, and you snapped some amazing photos.
    Too funny about The Walking Dead; the Hubs and I started watching that when our shows had gone on hiatus, and while we liked it, after so many gruesome scenes I couldn’t stomach it anymore! Great concept, though.

    Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday,
    ~ Cara

  2. That sounds like a perfect weekend to me! Don’t you love the Redneck Gourmet?!? We went down there for te SL idea house a couple of years ago and had a lovely afternoon. To have a great friend and an adorable baby as a great reason to visit? Amazing days are sure to follow!


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