Shades of Chic / 01

Happy Tuesday everyone! It is Tuesday, right? Today has been one of those days where I just don’t know which way may be up, so it makes sense that I’m not fully aware of time or space. Its been productive and crazy, and now its time for a break.  So, I thought I would treat myself to a little eye candy and wish list online shopping (that’s where I pretend I’m actually shopping, but in reality everything goes into my “cart” but I never “checkout. It’s quite therapeutic if you ask me!)

I thought that maybe you could use some of the same, so I put together some awesome modcloth outfits inspired by this beautiful flower arrangement (seen above) I pinned to pinterest a couple of days ago (or was it weeks ago!!! Eek!)

Which outfit combo is your favorite?

summer casual

{ ONE }  { TWO } { THREE } { FOUR } { FIVE }


{ ONE }  { TWO } { THREE } { FOUR }
{ ONE }  { TWO } { THREE } { FOUR }
summer party
{ ONE }  { TWO } { THREE } { FOUR } { FIVE }

{ ONE }  { TWO } { THREE } { FOUR } { FIVE }

21 thoughts on “Shades of Chic / 01

  1. You are too funny! Pretend shopping! I do this as well; however, I usually do it at the actual department store. You’re right. It can be therapeutic, unless you really, really, really wanted that $130 pair of jeans. Then you sniffle a little and begrudgingly put them back. Thank God for thrift stores!

    Oh, I know how you feel. Lately I’ve been a little out of sorts, too. I’m sure you being recently home from vacation is much of the culprit. It always takes me a while to acclimate back to the real world after being gone; add that to it being summer and it’s a concoction for losing all sense of time. Up: it’s a subjective term. ;-)

    LOVE number 3!

    • Cara- I know I couldn’t pretend shop in an actual store. It would be so much harder to put the stuff back -especially a pair of awesome jeans that fit in all the right places.

      I, too, share your sentiment for thrifting :) and up is so very subjective, ha. Thanks for your uplifting post!

      Hope you are enjoying your Thursday night!

  2. I love the first & fourth sets! the skirt & dress are adorable and so summery! But for me the best was the bouquet of flowers….I love peonies and ranunculus!

    • Thank you so much, Ciara. Yes I did put them together on my own. Making up “pretend” outfits is the next best thing to actually purchasing and wearing it. My inner shopaholic hates me for it, but my wallet loves me, ha. xo, Amber


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