Embroidery Love

day 79Ok, so my most recent obsession is embroidery.  It all started 3 weeks ago when I passed up on a beautiful hand-stitched floral design I saw at goodwill. It was love at first sight, but I talked myself out of it because I wasn’t sure where I would put it. Now typically when I pass up something it doesn’t really cross my mind again, but this cozy little piece of art kept popping into my mind. For me that’s a sure sign I need to go back for it, so that was just what I did. I looked high and low, behind pictures, under metal, and even amongst the furniture, but as I’m sure you know, things don’t stick around very long in thrifting land. I finally surrendered knowing that it had found a new home. I kicked myself a little for passing it up the first time then began my search for some lovely embroidered goodness online. These goodies are too lovely not to share, especially the beauties from Lucky Jackson, sighhh.

 This Tiny Existence: With One Enormous Chair, Oh Wouldn’t It Be Loverly

Lucky Jackson: The incredible Joan (my Mad Men crush)Lucky Jackson: Cute Shoes

                                   Hope you are having a beautiful Friday! XO

5 thoughts on “Embroidery Love

  1. Oh, Amber . . . I hate when that happens! I have often done that with books, thinking that I do not need another book, as much as I might like one. Then I get home and chide myself for not taking advantage of the bargain.
    Next time you’ll grab it! I adore the one with the red chair, wow.

    Hope you have wonderful weekend ahead,

    ~ Cara


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