My Birthday Weekend

It is no secret that I love birthdays, especially mine! I grew up an only child, the oldest grandchild on both sides, and best friend to kids who also grew up as only children. Needless to say, birthdays were a big deal. I have always celebrated my birthdays for days… weeks even… with friends, family members, coworkers, my friends family members, ha.

However, I have married a man who isn’t really a fan of birthdays. I’m not sure if it’s because he is a guy; or if it’s because he was born on New Years Eve; or if it’s because he believes in making every day special for those that he loves. Who knows! But every year he laughs at me and says, “Arent’ you too old to make such a big deal of your birthday?” My response is always “Never!”

Here are some snapshots of my birthday weekend.

My presents from my sweet, anti-birthday husband. I can just see him wandering around Anthropologie looking for that perfect gift.

He then surprised me with a fabulous birthday dinner at one of our favorite seafood restaurants,  Atlanta Fish Market. He may not see the need in excessive celebrating or extravagant gifts, but he is never opposed to a good celebratory meal!

We enjoyed a beautifully drawn out mean complete with calamari, Mahi Mahi, Chilean sea bass, and, of course, cake! We also shared a bottle of wine we got from our favorite winery on our honeymoon. It was a fantastic evening!

So Jon and I celebrated my birthday a day early because he spent the weekend coaching a basketball camp for kids. Needless to say he was quite busy, so my sweet Aunt Cathy drove down from Chattanooga to spend the day with me.
To say that she spoils me is an understatement. As always, she got me a whole slew of gifts: hats, shirts, scarfs, vests, etc. The cute shirt and hat I’m wearing are courtesy of her :)  I was also ecstatic to wear my gift from Lauren- my Kendra Scott necklace.

My Aunt and I spent most of the day shopping and eating. What birthday would be complete without a little cake and ice cream??

Then it was off to meet the Coventry peeps for our friend Amanda’s engagement party in Peachtree City.

While she looks incredible serious, beautiful baby Avery partied harder than all of us.

I was so lucky to get to spend my birthday with some of my favorite people. It was a great night!

The next morning, Kathryn scooped me up to treat me to an awesome brunch at Sweet Melissa’s. 

Then some shopping in adorable Decatur.
Birthdays always leave me feeling joyful, extremely loved and thankful for so many amazing people in my life. I am very blessed.
Are you a birthday celebrator, too?

7 thoughts on “My Birthday Weekend

  1. Amber, it looks like you had such a wonderful, fabulous weekend! A happy belated birthday to you, my friend!
    How funny that we are only a week apart. I begin celebrating this Friday. Like yourself, my birthdays tend to last through at least a week and sometimes a month; this was not usually on purpose — at least not while I was growing up — but because I had divorced parents, there was always a party on either side. I think I subconsciously took this with me into adulthood and now like to have a couple parties, a couple dinner, and a couple family events. ;-)

    Love your gifts and your celebratory attitude! I’m going to get started working on my “I’m thirty years old now” pep talk!

    ~ Cara

    • Ahhh Cara! Happy early birthday! Crazy that our birthdays are so close; I’m guessing that you are then a Leo, too. Maybe that is why I gravitate towards you :) My parents also divorced when I was younger which resulted in a much more drawn out birthday, christmas, easter, etc. I hadn’t really thought about it, but that probably also contributes to my idea of a “birthday month!” Well, I hope you have already started some of your celebrating and you are having a fantastic Wednesday! xo- Amber

  2. Looks like you had an awesome birthday! Mine is coming up in two weeks and I’m planning to celebrate it up as well! Not as much planned as you had, though!

    So glad I found your blog, by the way. I love all the photography and graphics you have here. I can’t wait to see more!


    • Anh- I’m so glad you found my blog, too! Thanks for your kind words; playing with my camera and computer are two of my favorite things. I thought I should at least put them to good use, ha. And Happy early birthday to you! Mine was fantastic, and I hope yours is, too! Full of love and laughter :) Hope you are having a fabulous day! xo Amber

  3. Happy Belayed a birthday! Looks like you had a wonderful time and looking lovely! I’m looking forward to following your posts as well! So, what do think of the Novah punch bag I posted today?


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