Weekend in Review

Yep, that pretty much sums it up!  Hope you have had a fantastic weekend, too!





6 thoughts on “Weekend in Review

    • Oh, it was a great weekend, but a facial would have definitely made it better! What a treat to your spirit and your face :) I think you should always make time for some self-care! Hope you have had a fantastic Monday as well! xo- Amber

  1. Amber,
    You couldn’t have chronicled your weekend in a more lovely way. So much fun and beauty! And I see you found a gorgeous embroidery piece; that makes up for the one you missed out on a couple weeks back. ;-)

    Happy Monday, friend.

    ~ Cara

    • Oh Cara, I love how observant you are. Yes, when I saw this embroidered piece I did not pass it up; however, it isn’t as spectacular as the piece I left behind. Oh well, it gives me a reason to keep exploring, right? I hope you had a great weekend, too and a lovely Monday! xo Amber


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