Gallery Walls For Every Room

So I have been doing a little redecorating to my dinning room. I have handmade curtains, repainted and distressed old closet doors, and installed a shelf. However, the thing I am most proud of is my new frame collage, and what I have learned is that just about anything looks good if its framed. Here are the items I used to make my collage:  three travel illustrations from my vintage calendar Jon got me for my birthday, two brown square pieces I found at Goodwill for $8, a “C” out of leftover fabric from my curtains, and miscellaneous framed goodness that has been buried in my “junk closet” needing a good home.  Stamps, old cards, calendars, fabric, family portraits, children’s artwork…. honestly anything goes. It’s amazing how it can give any room a makeover and completely change the ambiance to cozy, pretty, and artistic.

Like I said, I am absolutely loving the result of the framed randomness. I love it so much, in fact, that I have been looking for inspiration for other parts of the house. And it turns out that framed walls can look good in every room of the house. Hmmm…

dinning room- (via Design*Sponge)

nursery {Source: Laura Winslow Photography}

office:{via bohemianwornest }

Entryway {Source: Pottery Barn}

 hallway {Source: Young House Love}

living room/ grand room{Source: House Beautiful}

bedroom {Source: Design*Sponge}

{Source: the decorista}

Is there a home design element that you are loving at the moment?


12 thoughts on “Gallery Walls For Every Room

  1. I am currently in the process of filling my walls with beautiful prints and quirky illustrations bought via artist on Etsy, & Ikea!!! I love the ‘hallway via Young House Love’!

    Also, a question for you…is a ‘sham’ a pillowcase cover?

    • Melly- so sorry I haven’t gotten to your question sooner, but glad to see that my BFF responded for me. Yes, a “sham” is a pillowcase cover, and you will have to post pictures via your blog or twitter of your new purchases. I do love Pottery Barn, Etsy, and Ikea so very much! I will have to check out AllPosters! I may have a new favorite to add to the list. xoxo, Amber

  2. Oh, you decorated this wall so nicely, Amber! I love the feel you’ve instated; it’s both inviting and elegant.
    I’ve begun to think that you would have thrived in the 1950’s era. Your timeless poise and penchant for all things lovely and decorous makes me think you would have loved so much of what made that decade special.
    I am loving the walls. In our bedroom, I have decorated one wall with random letters (this representing my mind at any given moment, lol); but I think once we have a place of our own, I would love to implement one of these framed-walls. So many different ways to go about doing it.

    Happy Tuesday, friend!

    P.S. So glad you found me on FB. ;-)

    • Cara- What a huge compliment. I often daydream of living in the 50’s and sometimes the 60’s. I agree that it would have been a lovely time for me… well, it would be lovely if I could take authenticity and my often feminist perspective with me sans any ridicule, ha.

      Do you have a picture posted anywhere of your letter wall? I love what it represents and your creativity! :) And, I’m super glad I found you on facebook, too :)

      Happy Wednesday to you, dear!

  3. Love your Goodwill $8 finds! I’ve recently started thrift-ing and I’m having some good success. (Lucky for me there is a great second hand shop down the street where a lot of “well to do” people donate items!) I’m also working on creating a gallery wall for several rooms. How did you go about getting frames without breaking the bank? P.S. I’ve add your blog/website to my blog list!

    • Gizelle-

      First off, thank you so much for adding me to your blog list. What an honor. Secondly, if you are ever in Atlanta, lets have a thrifting day! :) I love digging through old stuff looking for “treasure,” ha.

      You can absolutely spend a ton of money on frames. Those suckers are expensive, but I’m always on the look out for frames at thrift store. They usually have someone else’s family or an old blue chicken or such in it, but its pretty easy to remove. I then usually spray paint the frame a fun color to add a fresh look. I am also always on the look out for frame deals at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Sometimes they have the buy one get the other 50% off.

      Let me know if you come across any good finds :)
      xo, Amber


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