Vintage Olympic Posters

I don’t know if you have caught Olympic fever, but I sure have. There is just something so wonderful about watching sports that I never watch (i.e swimming, track, fencing, volleyball…) and having invested interested.  I love coming together with my best friends, family members and coworkers to cheer on the stars and bars against the world’s best athletes.

It’s crazy to think that this feeling of pride and strong sentiment has been felt for generations upon generations. As a nod to some of the past olympic greats, here are some of my favorite vintage posters

Source: Olymperial

Hope you are having a spectacular Friday cheering on your favorite Olympic athletes! XO


8 thoughts on “Vintage Olympic Posters

    • Does your family still have them? I would absolutely steal them :) I am dying to have a set for my office.

      And, I’m so glad you like the blog! Thanks for stopping in and for taking the time to comment. – Amber


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