DIY: Chevron Bag


I must admit I am kind of pack rat when it comes to certain items, especially if good memories or a sentimental meaning is attached to it. For whatever reason, this purse is one of those items for me. I have had it for about as long as I have been with Jon, and it has seen me through quite a few ups and downs- as you can see from the ware and tear above! I no longer carry it around because of its worn state, but I couldn’t bear to put it in my Goodwill pile. So, I decided on “Plan B.” Give it a makeover with some of the best paint on the planet- Martha Stewart’s Multi- surface Craft Paint! This stuff will stick to anything, and my handbag was no exception.

Here are the VERY easy steps of adding a little chevron to an aging bag.


Overall, I was pretty pleased! The paint added just the right amount of distraction but I was able to keep the gold hue that I love.

Of course I can’t stop at just one DIY project. Now, I’m thinking this would be an excellent way to add a little pizzaz to a simple and cheap jute or canvas bag. What do you think? Anything lying around in your closet that could benefit from a little painted design?


17 thoughts on “DIY: Chevron Bag

      • Thanks, Casey! That’s a great question. I just painted the bag this weekend and have only carried it once. I will have to get back to you after a couple of weeks of wear. However, I’m thinking that it won’t crack. The leather still feels very soft despite having paint on it. Again, I love this paint, and reason #52 that I love it is because it doesn’t go on stiff or brittle. I will keep you posted :)

  1. Hey Arbitrary! I have a challenge for you… I just inherited a precious vintage black satin clutch. Only problem, it’s a little plain. Any ideas how to make it special for upcoming autumn weddings?

    • Ohh, I’m so jealous. Is it black? Because I’m envisioning it that way in my head, and if so, how about adding a vintage brooch to the middle or the end. Depending on your outfit, you could change it from something with sparkle to something more everyday like a beautiful cameo with ease. Send pictures please :)


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