Wedding Inspiration: Save the Date

A few months ago, I was given the great pleasure of taking Jen and Corey’s engagement pictures all around the great city of Baltimore. You may remember seeing this post all about it. It was a great honor and tons of fun, and being the lover of weddings I am, I offered (okay, okay practically begged) to help with any planning details. So, when Jen asked me to put together a few Save the Date ideas for them, I was over the moon. Here is a sample of a few options I sent here way (#1 is my favorite ):


It’s amazing how quick your wedding budget can go out the window- even if its full of DIY’s. But, I personally think creating your own Save the Date is the way to go and save the costly paper goods and graphic designers for those fabulous invitations down the road.  I made all of the above by playing around with different layers and fonts on photoshop, but if the computer generated fonts are your style, here are some other STD DIYS that I’m loving:

1. Make a clever save the date with ETSY

2. Scratch-off save the date with Martha Stewart

3. Kraft paper card save the date with Molly Jacques

4. Tie the knot save the date with More Design Please

What do you think? Did you create your own save the date? Or as you are thinking of your future wedding, would you spend the time to DIY or do you think it’s better left to the professionals?


5 thoughts on “Wedding Inspiration: Save the Date

  1. Leave it to the pros! Of course, anyone who has seen your art would know that you count as a professional. But after spending years as a copywriter in ad agency, I’ve learned that a professional designer is capable of taking your ideas places you’ve never even dreamed. Plus the ins-and-outs of professional printing require a professionals knowledge. So unless the look you are going for is “homemade” I would hire a designer. And if you are trying to save, check out Its very reasonable.


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