Garnet & Black: Where It’s At

Well ladies and gents, it’s that time of year again. It’s time for lavish tailgating, daylong beer and bourbon drinking, and sweaty, nitty-gritty football watching. Since that blustery winter’s day in which the last bowl game was played, football fans have been eagerly waiting. Tracking the recruits, feverishly reading articles, and hanging on any drop of hope that comes from pre-season scrimmages and practices. Yes, fans have been desperate for football, and this time next week, it will be here!

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So while I may be a girl and am not exactly up on every player’s stats, football still evokes something deep within me. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m from the South, and girls here are raised from birth hearing the superiority of the Vols, Dogs, Tide, or Gators. Or if its just the excitement and electricity that hangs in the air in the fall. Or maybe its just simply that feeling that draws you in and makes you feel as though you are a part of some secret, cool club. Who knows what it exactly is, but if you walk into a  sports fan’s home, a sports bar, or heaven forbid, a college campus, you will be sure to feel it too.

And nothing other than the game itself can bring out the school spirit like a good tailgate. Here in the South, tailgating is major social event with mini cocktail parties dotting the parking lots, women all dressed up in lovely sundresses, and a good portion of the guys rocking their bow ties and khakis.  It’s quite an experience, and a great reason to get all dolled up in your school colors. As of late, I have been scouting out garnet and black frocks (to support my South Carolina Gamecocks) and stumbled across some great dresses from Shabby Apple.

Garnet & BlackHow would you rate your feelings towards football? Are you a loyal supporter, an indifferent spectator, or a hating bystander?


9 thoughts on “Garnet & Black: Where It’s At

  1. Football is good to enjoy while sitting outside on a crisp fall day
    It also means gatherings and rotel dip and cute sweaters
    So I must say- I enjoy it

  2. A tailgate party is at the top of my to-do list when I visit the States! Sounds like such fun!!!
    In Australia we have Aussie Rules (AFL) and League (NRL) and I am a League girl through and through. The Knights are my hometown team and we the most passionate supporters there is!!!

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