Rainy Day = Wishlist Shopping

Happy Happy Weekend! Its another dreary day here in Atlanta, and I’m actually very thankful. The crummy weather means that I am less likely to feel guilty about sitting around most of the day in my yoga pants surfing the net and watching football. Yes, sometimes you just need a day that is lacking in productivity!

While I’m trying to work up the motivation to put on actual clothing and head to get groceries (mainly because we have depleted our wine stock), I will share with you some of my finds from day!

How adorable is this Dear Penny Mini skirt and knobby little glasses from the beloved Anthropologie?

Or what about this Fall-esque Tracy Reese Coat or owl measuring cups from Modcloth?

And last but not least, what about this Parada Creations print or this sweet dress from Ruche?

In addition to my wishlist shopping, I have also finally caught up on my blog reading! Here are some fun and useful reads I have come across over the last few days.

Natty from Natty Michelle shares an awesome DIY team fan perfect for any fashionista football fan.

Violet from Blythe Ponytail Parades gives some major party inspiration as she shares some pics from the party she hosted for her parent’s 25th wedding anniversary. 

The lovely ladies from A Beautiful Mess share a sushi salad recipe that I can not wait to try!

Kate from The Small Things Blog shows a great tutorial on how to contour your face with a little bronzer, highlighter, and blush.

How have you spent your Saturday??


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