My Vintage Imagination

It’s no secret that I love shopping for vintage clothing. For me, its much like playing the lottery. I typically pick up a mega million ticket when I’m about to go on a long car ride. I spend hours thinking about what I would do with my winnings- giving to charities, my dream house, my dream business, etc. Unfortunately to date, I have yet to win the lottery, but I can honestly say that I have never regretted the $1 I have spent on the hour or two of daydreaming. I seem to do the same thing with vintage shopping.

There is just something so amazing about slipping on a dress worn decades ago. My mind always begins to swirl with thoughts about its previous owner. Was she a socialite, a housewife, a hard-working secretary? I start daydreaming about where she wore the dress, with whom, and why. Once I have cooked up a thoroughly imaginative account of the previous life of the dress, then I come back to reality and see the dress on me. Most of the time they are too long, too big, or too frumpy, but it doesn’t really matter because half the fun is in the daydreaming. But every now and then I get a very special treat when one fits like a glove. That’s my sign that it needs to come home with me!

The 1960’s style dress I’m wearing below was just one of those finds. Can’t you just see a sassy lady like Joan from MadMen wearing it in the bygone days?


A week after I found the dress, I stumbled across those awesome gloves and scarf at a little antique store in North Georgia. They were all wrapped up in an old Nordstrom box and appeared to have never been worn. My mind, of course, went crazy as to why! ha. Oh the joys of a good imagination.

Does anything spark your imagination like vintage shopping does mine? 


11 thoughts on “My Vintage Imagination

  1. Oh, Amber, that dress looks adorable on you! In fact, seeing you all dolled up with that scarf and gloves, you remind me of one of the stewardesses from that show that never quite made it; do you remember what I am talking about? I believe the setting was supposed to take place in the 50’s or 60’s, when being invited to serve as a stewardess was viewed as an honor; very exclusive. Anyway, congrats to you on your find!

    “Those finds” you speak of, yes, I have been there a few times. Not often — like you said, usually the clothes never fit quite right, but I have one pair of gorgeous green pants that fit me like a glove. Well, my tushy to be more precise. ;-) I didn’t even try them on at the time, just eye-balled them and hoped for the best. It was only later on, while walking around at an outdoor mall that the Hubs and I passed by a very swanky store which happened to have the same label on the sign as the inside of my pants. Curious, we walked inside and I checked the price tag and practically swooned! Over $300 for that pair of pants! I paid $3. Thrifting, as you well know, is a sport I could do for a living!

    Happy Thrifting, lovely,

    ~ Cara

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