Change is good

I often find myself saying “change is good,” “change is good” over and over. It is has become a mantra of sorts because I typically welcome change with the same enthusiasm as the flu or tornado season. I really connected to this picture of Marilyn because she looks like she is in great pain and exhausted. Yes, I know that this is one of her signature sexy looks. But If I were making this face, I would definitely be pained, and that’s how I feel about big life changes. I kick, I scream, and when all else fails, I cry.

But there is some change that is good, like really good. I love changes in the seasons, new haircuts, and trying new hobbies. Those things are exciting and really validate that change IS good. So, in trying to stretch my comfort zone and challenge myself, I am making some changes, and one of the easiest and most fun challenges has been changing the look of my blog!

How bout you? How do you feel about change? Do you embrace it with joy or run from it like the plague?

Photo Source: Marilyn & Her Vinyl


8 thoughts on “Change is good

  1. Love the new changes to the blog! I’ve always hated change… Then I married a military man where change is a huge part of life. So, I decided to adjust and welcome change. Otherwise, I’m fighting a battle that will only make me unhappy. Sometimes I lose that battle, but I always reflect on the wonderful opportunities it has brought me: marriage, living aboard, new homes, new friends, new wonderful habits, etc.

    • Oh, Gizelle! I admire you so much. I could never handle all the changes you experience on a regular basis, but i’m sure it’s worth it for all of the reasons you mentioned above! Can I just live “change” vicariously through you and skip my own? ha. Hope you are having a great Sunday, lovely!

  2. I also love the new changes to the blog!!!
    Im fairly similiar in that I dont deal well with change, so I also find myself telling myself over & over that ‘change is good’ and things like ‘if you remain static you die’. A bit extreme I know, but I have to force myself to roll with things otherwise I’d sit in a little bubble!!!

    • Melly! So glad you are a fan of the little update to the blog. It was so much fun to play with the header and design. Also, you are absolutely right, “remain static and you die.” I hadn’t really thought of it that way but so true.


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