It’s *Officially* Fall Y’all

Yes, it’s finally here! The official arrival of fall happened yesterday bringing perfect 70’s/80’s weather along with it. And, believe you me, I have taken advantage of it. Eating soup, wearing my favorite fall colors, cheering on my football team in my cozy hoodie, acorn hunting, and sharing a beautiful outside dinner with friends in honor of Meg’s 30th birthday. It’s been a fantastic weekend!

Yep, its been great, and I’m looking forward to weeks more of the same. In fact, I’m so excited about fall this year that I have made a bucket list full of fall activities I’m hoping to get to this year. Here is my list thus far (but I’m thinking it may be ever growing!!)

  1. Go apple picking in the Blue Ridge mountain orchards. This is my ideal spot.
  2. Have a bonfire with friends! Okay, so here is the problem. I live in the “city” now, so it may be just a group gathering around a small fire pit. That, or I may convince my friends to truck it back to my hometown for an evening of campfires, smores, and storytelling.
  3. Continue the tradition of October pumpkin carving. Odd side note- I always name my pumpkin a biblical name. Stange? Maybe, but for whatever reason it’s my tradition. Here are some of the past names: Malachi, Hagar, Jezebel, Nebuchadrezzar. Any suggestions for this year’s pumpkin?
  4. Make caramel apples, apple cider and more pumpkin bread. Mmmmmm.
  5. Have a DIY day to create some fall decor. Here are some projects in the running: burlap wreath, candy corn bunting,and these cinnamon stick candles.

Do you have any fall traditions? Or maybe something you are looking forward to this fall?


8 thoughts on “It’s *Officially* Fall Y’all

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