Happy Halloween, deer.

Happy Happy Halloween to you!

In case you missed this post on Tuesday, I dressed up as a deer for Halloween. Ever since I decided on the costume, I have been pretty deer obsessed. Look at these cute finds:

1. faux taxidermy // 2. cupcakes // 3. scarf  // 4. print // 5. sweater // 6. pillow // 7. marionette // 8. planter

For the most part, I did my Halloween celebrating on Saturday night with a group of our couple friends. We went to a low-key bar, sang our hearts out to 90’s music, and were at home and ready for bed by midnight. I am fully aware that I am becoming “old,” but in my opinion it was a pretty perfect Halloween celebration. As for tonight, I fully expect to cozy up next to the fire, watch Modern Family and Nashville, and keep my fingers crossed for a few trick-or-treaters. Do you have any Halloween plans tonight?

DIY: Antler Headband

How fantastic is Halloween? I mean when else do you get to play dress up like you did when you were 5, get to be wildly creative, and find yourself surrounded by friends (and strangers) who are doing the same. My inner child jumps for joy every October as I go on my Halloween costume hunt, but this year was a little more difficult than normal to come up with an idea. I consulted with all my normal fruitless sources: googling “creative costumes” (I mean how creative can they be if you are googling them??!), asking friends for ideas, and scouring my facebook “friends” old Halloween albums. No dice. So then I turned to the faithful pinterest, and right there in the home decor pins I found my inspiration. Yep, all those antler mountings, wreaths, and pieces of art lead me to being a deer this Halloween.

Unfortunately, real deer antlers are quite heavy. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to walk around all night with those suckers on my head, so I decided to make some faux deer antlers out of paper mache (I told you my inner child loves Halloween!) Here’s how:

To get started you need the following:

One- aluminum foil // Two-  flour // Three- water // Four- newspaper

I began by crumpling aluminum foil into the shape of antlers. This was my paper mache form.

Next, I used paper mache on the form so that my antlers would be sturdy, and I could paint accordingly.

*I’m sure most of you have made paper mache objects in the past, but if not, here are the steps: Mix one part flour and two parts water to create the paper mache paste. Shred newspaper into small strips and then dip into the mixture. Once the paper is completely saturated, stick the newspaper strip over the form and smooth down with your fingers. Continue this process until the form is covered. After the layer is applied, let dry and add a second layer. Continue until desired thickness.

Once I reached the desired effect (I used three layers of paper mache), I painted the antlers. I then hot glued them along with flowers to a plastic headband. 
I was pretty excited about the end result, but if you aren’t in the market for an antler headband, it would also be a great alternative to authentic deer antler decor. Post Halloween, they just may make an appearance as piece of art in my spare bedroom. What do you think? Do you see some deer antlers in your future?