Inspired: Fall Leaves

My Dad called me yesterday from the Smokey Mountains. He and my stepmom decided to take a long weekend trip there and enjoy the beginnings of the beautiful fall season. As he was sharing details of his trip, memories of my childhood began to flood in. That used to be one of my favorite trips when I was a small girl, particularly the beginning. We would drive up the windy mountain roads, ogle over the beautiful leaves, and stop to enjoy some fudge and apple cider. All the memories gave me the idea of a leaf themed inspiration board. Hope you enjoy!

1. Felt Doll Thanksgiving Decor– Etsy   2.  Ancanthus Leaf Wallpaper– Etsy   3. Fall Wreath– Nest of Posies  4. Leaf Table Touches– BHG   5. Fall Leaves Garland– A Beautiful Mess   6. Fall Water Color Illustration– Etsy   7. Leaf Sugar Cookies– Land O’Lakes   8. Leaf Necklace– Modcloth   9. Leaf Brooch– Etsy   10. Leafed Pumpkin- Better Homes and Gardens


6 thoughts on “Inspired: Fall Leaves

  1. Amber, I adore this collage! The sewn leaves and that turquoise wreath are ridiculously cute and festive. And . . . I already have the styrofoam and felt, so I may just have to make one of my own! I haven’t felt very crafty lately — thank you for revving my crafty engine.

    Let me just tell you again that, without a doubt you have one of the most eye-catching and lovely blogs out there. Whether it’s music, clothes, thrifting inspiration, lovely pictures, or a fun weekend spent with friends and family, I always enjoy seeing what Amber’s up to.

    Take care, lovely,

    ~ Cara

    • Cara- I’m sorry I’m just now getting the opportunity to respond to this weeks comments, but I just want you to know how much your compliments mean. My blog is definitely my creative outlet and self- care distraction, but it’s always nice to hear that it provides a bit of happiness or cheer to others! Thank you for sharing.

      Xo amber


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