Mini San Antonio Vacay

Jon and I spent last week in San Antonio, Texas. I took a few days off to play while Jon was attending a conference on internal auditing software (contain your excitement, please!). Unfortunately, Jon was away most of the day learning to be a tech savvy employee, but we were about to steal away briefly to see some of the best SA spots. We walked the famous River Walk, remembered the Alamo, visited the Guenther House, and enjoyed an authentic meal and festive decor at Mi Tierra Cafe & Bakery right off the market square.

I was so thankful for my time with Jon, but I was also pretty excited to check out some of San Antonio’s best thrift stores, play catch up on blogs and my neglected kindle, and sip on countless jalapeno strawberry margaritas. It was three days of blissful self-care.

Do you have any vacations or weekend getaways planned? Or maybe just a staycation? those are always nice!



7 thoughts on “Mini San Antonio Vacay

  1. Amber,

    It seems as if you are always out there trying new, fun, and exciting things! I know this is likely not the case, as I’m assuming you both work, but I cannot say that I am not a tad jealous of your adventures! I am a bit of homebody . . . not, A LOT of a homebody – and really, being out for more than a day is almost too long. But then I see this amazing day you had, I think, I need to get out more! The pictures are gorgeous, so many colors and shapes. And that lil piggy Jon is holding is too precious for words. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

    ~ Cara

    • Cara- its so funny how blogs can almost make the blog owners life seem like a fairytale! Jon and I are so blessed that we have the opportunity to travel a lot for work. My main job in national and regional marketing. I get to travel quite a bit and take people to awesome lunches and dinners all as a part of my job. Great perk! But, honestly, I am an introvert by nature, and I can really relate to your desire to be cozy at home. With all of the amazing places we travel, my weekends at home are often my favorites :) XO Amber

  2. How fun! I love SA! Next time you go, let me know! I’ll share my favorite restaurant that was voted one of the 40 best Mexican restaurants in the whole state of TX. (It made the top five, I believe.) Also, I know a great spot along the Riverwalk with the best coconut margaritas!

    • Gizelle, I wish I would have known you knew so much about SA before going! Next time you better believe I will be getting your recommendations. Any other cities that you are “in the know” on… just in case! Hope you are having a great Halloween! XO Amber


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