Happy Halloween, deer.

Happy Happy Halloween to you!

In case you missed this post on Tuesday, I dressed up as a deer for Halloween. Ever since I decided on the costume, I have been pretty deer obsessed. Look at these cute finds:

1. faux taxidermy // 2. cupcakes // 3. scarf  // 4. print // 5. sweater // 6. pillow // 7. marionette // 8. planter

For the most part, I did my Halloween celebrating on Saturday night with a group of our couple friends. We went to a low-key bar, sang our hearts out to 90’s music, and were at home and ready for bed by midnight. I am fully aware that I am becoming “old,” but in my opinion it was a pretty perfect Halloween celebration. As for tonight, I fully expect to cozy up next to the fire, watch Modern Family and Nashville, and keep my fingers crossed for a few trick-or-treaters. Do you have any Halloween plans tonight?


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