Music Monday: Eilen Jewell

Maybe you have noticed this or maybe not, but it really doesn’t take much to excite me. Just last week, I was filled with illogical amounts of joy at the prospect of a vanilla ice cream cone post lunch, ending my day with an episode of Hart of Dixie, and wearing fuzzy socks under my boots. And let me be clear. When I say illogical joy, I mean experiencing that giddy filling that builds up in your chest and results in you hugging the dog and singing Grove Is In the Heart.

So if ice cream evoked that much emotion, you can just imagine how I felt when I discovered Eilen Jewell last week. Not much tops my love for finding a new band, artist, or song that I love, and I adore Eilen Jewell’s music. Her voice is a perfect blend of sultry blues and country folk that takes you back to another time. And those lyrics… sigh….

Here is one of my favorite songs for your Monday!


2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Eilen Jewell

  1. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: we are kindred spirits! It takes so very little to excite me as well; really, sometimes just knowing I’m going to the gym to work off stress and get out of my cave, can literally have me twitching in gleeful anticipation. I truly feel as if this is a blessing; to be able to appreciate and enjoy ALL of life’s gifts.

    She has a very nice voice! Had I been there to see her in person, i am pretty confident my hips would have begun to sway. ;-)

    Happy Monday to you!

    ~ Cara


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