Fashion Spark: The Tutu

Here is a fact. If there is a cute outfit involving a tulle skirt on pinterest, I’m going to pin it! They are fun, girlie, and so Carrie-esqu! am loving this style right now.


by day: flannel // jacket // skirt // shoes

by night: top // sweater// skirt // shoes



5 thoughts on “Fashion Spark: The Tutu

  1. Oh my! Indulgence is right! That night outfit . . . it’s gorgeous! I love a bright tutu-skirt. I have to buy one, but perhaps it will go on my Christmas list. Thanks for always providing such great wardrobe inspiration, Amber!

    ~ Cara

  2. Oh yes! How I love a tutu. I am planning on wearing one, a white fluffy, tulley one, over my running tights gorgeous the Colour Run in March 2013! I get giddy with excitement when I image how fun it will be running in a tutu covered in paint powder!!!!
    And I may just have to introduce one of those tutus above into my wardrobe in advance! Love the collection!


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