Veteran’s Day

My thoughts continue to drift to the airport today. I know its odd, but when I think of Veteran’s Day, I think of airports. It is there where I have observed so many emotions related to men and women in service. Just to name a few, I have ridden with an officer who was on his was to console a family of a fallen soldier; I have seen a man trade his first class seat to say thank you to a young man in the back of the plane; I have observed a mother emotionally embracing her daughter before she walks through security; and I have watched young children shaking the hands in awe of passing by soldiers. And, let me tell you, each and every time I have boohooed.  However, I’m the most emotional when I am walking out of the terminal with a military person.When the USO supporters greet them with claps, cheers, and hugs, I lose it, and game over if I see them greeted by their family. puddle on the floor.

My heart is filled with a great deal of gratitude, pride, and a bit of sadness as I think of all the men, woman, and families who have made sacrifices for our country. And all of these memories remind me how important it is to say “thank you”  and show smalls acts of kindness every day of the year. It’s not much comparatively, but the brightening of their faces show how much it means.

“A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces, but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers.”  JFK

Do you have any special veterans in your life? If so, have you done anything to celebrate them today?


5 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day

  1. Funny enough, my service member is away on detachment. A lot of them are working on this day of remembrance! But no sad eyes here. He’s doing what he loves, flying. Thanks for the thoughtful post. It’s comments like this that make me feel stronger when I’m having a bad day with the military!

  2. I’ve always felt like Veteran’s day is much too casually celebrated, much like Memorial Day. I include myself among those who don’t go the length to really appreciate and understand what took place so that we could be free and liberated. I am trying to change this. My grandfather did serve in the armed forces, but because he died so long ago (not in a war), I was never fully able to absorb the gravity of what his sacrifice meant. I can only imagine . . . Thank you for this reminder. Today I will reflect on those given and lost lives, thanking God for bringing such brave individuals to fight for us.

    ~ Cara


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