South Carolina Weekend

This weekend Jon and I traveled to Columbia, South Carolina to watch my alma mater play the Arkansas Razorbacks. The weather was perfect, the drinks were yummy, and the company couldn’t be beat. I got to spend time with two of my favorite ladies who just so happened to be my partners in crime in college. Of course lots of reminiscing occurred (FYI- I’m horrified by college me!) which also resulted in lots of laughs. It was a short trip, but fantastic all the same. And added bonus, we won the game!

I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend, too!


One thought on “South Carolina Weekend

  1. Looks like such a fun weekend. I could actually feel the excitement through your photos. So glad you, Jon, and friends has a wonderful time together! Occasionally M and I will score tickets to a USC game, and while I am not a huge sports fan of any sort, there is this palpable thrum that shoots through the crowd that one can’t help but be imbued by.

    Happy Tuesday to you!

    ~ Cara


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