Blogshop ATL

Pretty much everything about blogshop was perfect. The gorgeous flowers, delicious catered food, the urban space, and the people. I can’t say enough good things about my experience, and I would highly recommend it if you have less than par photoshop skills. I am a self-taught photoshopper, which means I would spend hours hunting and exploring functions trying to get my photos to look the way I wanted with usually disappointing results. But sitting in class this weekend, I was constantly ooohing, awwing, and occasional smacking my forehead at the shortcuts Bri and Angela taught. I’m so excited to use photoshop now!


Wahoo! It’s finally Friday. I hope you are having a fantastic day and have some great plans this weekend.

It’s a pretty exciting weekend for me. Tonight my hubby and I are joining one of our favorite couples- Betsy & David- for a dinner date at Local Three, and then we are heading over to Decatur to enjoy a lovely evening out with some of our friends we too rarely get to see. And tomorrow I will be stuffing my brain with tons of blogging, Photoshop, and other info from my blogging role model Bri and the talented Angela at Blogshop! I am beyond excited, and added bonus, I get to spend two whole days with the lovely Natty Michelle!

Hope your weekend is fantastic!

photo of Tina Turner by Jack Robinson

South Carolina Weekend

This weekend Jon and I traveled to Columbia, South Carolina to watch my alma mater play the Arkansas Razorbacks. The weather was perfect, the drinks were yummy, and the company couldn’t be beat. I got to spend time with two of my favorite ladies who just so happened to be my partners in crime in college. Of course lots of reminiscing occurred (FYI- I’m horrified by college me!) which also resulted in lots of laughs. It was a short trip, but fantastic all the same. And added bonus, we won the game!

I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend, too!